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Our mission is to leave behind a better world for future generations, and we’re looking for people who share our values to join us on this mission. At Earth Company, we take a modern, flexible approach to our work. Our team is a collective of digital nomads – without a fixed location or office, we work across continents and time-zones, making the most of the technologies available to us to work in whatever place and at whatever time suits us. We believe that by respecting a work style that suits our individual lifestyles and circumstances, we will be a happier and more productive team, attracting highly talented and capable individuals whose circumstances may not lend themselves to more traditional work styles. So whether you’re a recent mother who needs to work in the evenings from home in the mountains of Japan, or you prefer to work early mornings from a café in San Francisco, we believe you should be able to do work that you find rewarding, in a way that best suits you.

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Professional Development

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Cultural Exchange

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