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Intern recruitment made easy

From selecting candidates to final placements, our process is designed to reduce your time-to-hire, bringing efficiency to your recruitment strategy.

Dedicated interns

Our unique approach ensures that interns who join you are genuinely committed and invested in their roles, as they've chosen our fee-based packages.

No pre-selection process

Say goodbye to email overload. Our expert recruiters handpick and send only those candidates who meet your specific criteria, streamlining your selection process.

Top-quality profiles only

Rest assured, every application we forward is from a thoroughly pre-screened, high-quality candidate, vetted by our recruitment specialists.

Skip the first round of interviews

Skip the initial interview phase with exclusive access to applicant videos, offering you a dynamic first impression and deeper insights into each candidate.

Dual onboarding

We prepare both your team and the interns for a seamless start. This dual approach saves time and sets clear expectations for a smooth collaboration.

Continued support

We’re more than just a recruitment service; we’re a partner. If an intern faces challenges, we’re their first point of contact, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and them.

Premium internship solutions

Explore Our Range of Service Packages: Limited Time Offer with No Fees! Plus, get early access to our cutting-edge dashboard, launching in Q1 2024, for an even more streamlined experience.


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Unlimited listings

Pre-screened applications

Video applications

Premium support

Free onboarding call

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Per pay placement - No cure, no pay

5 free internship listings

Pre-screened applications

Customized application questions

Video applications

Acess to our intern database

Recruitment progress dashboard

This is how it works - yes, it's that easy.

Share your needs

Connect with your dedicated account manager and share your openings. Relax as we scout for your ideal intern.

Review our pre - screened applications

Receive handpicked applications complete with introduction videos, fast-tracking your hiring process.

Hassle-free interview coordination

We streamline your interview scheduling with our curated candidates, making your selection process smoother.

Welcome your intern

Your new intern comes prepped with our onboarding courses and community insights. Now, it's time to meet your new intern!

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We've been in your shoes—juggling classes while hunting for that perfect overseas gig can be a wild ride. But fear not! Here it's all smooth sailing. We're your one-stop shop for internships, visas, digs, and even pep talks!

Pack your bags and your ambitions. We've got everything else covered!

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Tamir Oliver Feldmann
Tamir Oliver Feldmann

CEO of Ecohero


Founder of Bahasa Bule


CEO of Ruby Studios

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