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International Trade and Development

Company Profile

ERAI Asia is a French-owned business consulting company based in Vietnam with over 20 years of experience in International Business Development. We continue to build on our partners’ successes with a strong footprint in Southeast Asia. We are committed to quality and service excellence in every action we take. Our business operates in 11 countries with over 150 business partners. 🌏 What we offer as "Your Business Partner in Asia" • Welcome you to the major cities in Asia • Study your market and define your strategy • Identify and select the best business partners for you • Help you to meet the key players in your industry • Optimize your purchases and develop your network provider • Improve your production tools • Take strategic information and meet decision-makers for you Together we work, together we succeed! 🚀🌏 ERAI Asia offers tailor-made services to assist you in your development projects.

Perks & Benefits

Get ready for great intern benefits – cool perks and amazing experiences are waiting for you.

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Professional Development

Receive mentorship and training at Eraiasia that accelerates your career growth.

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Networking Opportunities

Connect with professionals and peers in the field, expanding your professional network at Eraiasia.

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Cultural Exchange

Experience a unique cultural exchange in a supportive, dynamic environment at Eraiasia.