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Krohn is a design team consisting of interior designers, furniture designers, architects and a network of other creative disciplines. We design, prepare and complete interiors that excite, strengthen identity/branding and create value. Krohn interior architects have recognized that broad and interdisciplinary expertise is necessary to identify, understand and fulfill the customers' various needs. Our goal is to provide a team that can contribute with different experience, knowledge and expertise, we run an office where the client's needs are well taken care of. Design is communication - The interior architect's task is to create good spaces, through floor plan, lighting, colours, shapes and surfaces. We design environments that will increase communication and interaction between people, adapted to the tasks they have to perform and the function they have to satisfy. Companies must increasingly communicate an image that comes to expression through the choice of materials, shape and colours. A well-thought-out interior concept will help to strengthen the brand and give employees a place they want and want to work - and not least - to show off to their partners and customers. Krohn aims to always deliver creative and comprehensive solutions adapted and tailored to the client's needs. Corporate identity via design is one of our strengths.

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