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URBANITREE is a design and research studio based in Barcelona with offices in Boston and Shenzhen led by Daniel Ibañez and Vicente Guallart. We use a circular and decarbonizing design approach that takes into account the complete value chain, from forests to buildings. We provide solutions and services to face the social and ecological needs of our time. Our ambitious team includes designers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, biologists, and an array of highly skilled specialists. We always consider our designs in a larger local, regional and global context—creating social and ecological value for the brief and the client. Our projects range in size from prototypes to buildings, neighborhoods, public spaces, urban plans, and cities. We build advanced ecological buildings made out of bio-based materials, such as engineered mass timber, that transform buildings from a source to a sink of CO2 emissions. Lastly, Urbanitree is the sum of ‘Urbanity’ and ‘Tree’; tha

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