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White Goose Boutique Hotel Bali & MILANO Canggu: A Fusion of Elegance, Gastronomy, and Culinary Excellence, Steps Away from Berawa Beach Discover an extraordinary escape at White Goose Boutique Hotel Bali, where elegance and rustic charm converge in 18 exquisite suites. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Berawa - Canggu, this immersive, multifaceted island stay embraces natural textures while seamlessly incorporating contemporary finesse. The hotel's design, characterized by white concrete as its primary material, creates a soothing ambiance that complements your relaxation. At White Goose, we've reimagined the concept of island living. Each suite is a testament to our commitment to crafting a serene and minimalist oasis, offering you the ultimate in comfort and ease. Our minimalistic studio vibe captures the essence of modern design and island tranquility, making every stay an exceptional experience.

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Get ready for great intern benefits – cool perks and amazing experiences are waiting for you.

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Professional Development

Receive mentorship and training at White Goose Hotel that accelerates your career growth.

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Networking Opportunities

Connect with professionals and peers in the field, expanding your professional network at White Goose Hotel.

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Cultural Exchange

Experience a unique cultural exchange in a supportive, dynamic environment at White Goose Hotel.