Educational Internship


Full Time

Internship Description

Step into the rewarding field of education with an internship program designed to uplift educational standards in various communities in Ghana. Your contribution can help shape brighter futures for many students.


  • CheckedLesson Planning: Assist in planning lessons that are both engaging and educational
  • CheckedStudent Engagement: Foster a learning environment that encourages students to be active participants
  • CheckedWorkshops: Organize and facilitate workshops aimed at enhancing learning experiences
  • CheckedCommunity Engagement: Initiate community programs that foster a supportive environment for students
  • CheckedEvent Planning: Assist in planning and organizing school events and functions
  • CheckedSkill Development: Encourage students to develop diverse skills through various extracurricular activities

Who You Are

  • CheckedEducational Background: Having a background in education or a related field would be beneficial but not strictly necessary
  • CheckedTeam Player: Ability to work in harmony with the existing staff to create a nurturing educational environment
  • CheckedCreative Thinker: Bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table to enhance the learning experience for students

Perks & Benefits

Get ready for an internship packed with great perks and exciting benefits.

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Education Experience

Gain hands-on experience in a real-world healthcare setting.

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Local Culture

Engage with the local culture and community, enriching your personal and professional experience.

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Contribute to meaningful education initiatives that have a tangible impact on communities.

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GXVO, or GhanaXchange Volunteer Organization, is a pioneering organization dedicated to fostering global health and well-being through volunteer efforts. Based in Ghana, GXVO offers a range of volunteer programs focused on improving healthcare, education, and community development in various regions across the country. Our programs are designed to create meaningful impact while providing volunteers with enriching experiences in diverse Ghanaian communities. At GXVO, we believe in empowering local communities through sustainable initiatives and the active participation of skilled volunteers from around the world.

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