Gimmick & Talent Internship
at Atlas Beach Fest

Atlas Beach Fest

Full Time

Internship Description

Atlas Beach Fest invites you to join as a Gimmick & Talent Intern and become part of our creative team at Bali's #1 Destination & Largest One-Stop Entertainment Center. As a Gimmick & Talent Intern, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the excitement and vibrancy of our events through creative performances and entertainment. This internship offers a unique opportunity to showcase your talents while adding to the unique atmosphere of our beachfront establishment.


  • CheckedCollaborate with the creative team to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas for entertainment and gimmicks at events.
  • CheckedPrepare and perform captivating acts or performances to engage and entertain guests, such as music performances, dance routines, or interactive experiences.
  • CheckedAssist in organizing and coordinating talent auditions, rehearsals, and scheduling for upcoming events.
  • CheckedWork closely with event organizers and production staff to ensure seamless execution of entertainment activities during events.
  • CheckedSupport the marketing team in creating promotional materials and content featuring talent and entertainment offerings.

Who You Are

  • CheckedProficiency in a specific talent or performance art, such as music, dance, acting, or other creative disciplines.
  • CheckedCreativity and originality in developing unique entertainment concepts and performances.
  • CheckedStrong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with other team members.
  • CheckedFlexibility and adaptability to perform in various settings and adapt to changing event requirements.
  • CheckedPassion for entertaining and engaging audiences while creating memorable experiences.
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Atlas Beach Fest is founded by PT. Kreasi Bali Prima on February 2022, we provide the experience of a unique atmosphere – beachclub, culinary ground, lounges, and nightclub – professionally concepted. Located on the iconic beachfront of Berawa, Atlas Beach Fest is the first beachclub ever to be 100% created and humbly owned by Indonesian people

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