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Full Time

Internship Description

As an IT Technician for a global technology solutions provider, you will inspect and test used IT equipment, refurbish and upgrade hardware components, install and configure operating systems and software, troubleshoot issues, and document processes. Requirements include knowledge of computer hardware and peripherals, familiarity with operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux), basic networking concepts, and diagnostic tools for testing and troubleshooting. Strong attention to detail, organizational skills, effective communication, and a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and processes in IT refurbishment are essential.


  • Checked Inspecting and testing used IT equipment to assess functionality and identify any issues.
  • CheckedRefurbishing and upgrading hardware components, such as replacing hard drives, memory modules, or graphics cards.
  • CheckedInstalling and configuring operating systems and software applications on refurbished devices.
  • CheckedTroubleshooting hardware and software issues on refurbished devices.
  • CheckedDocumenting refurbishment processes and maintaining accurate records of inventory.

Who You Are

  • CheckedKnowledge of computer hardware components and peripherals.
  • CheckedFamiliarity with operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • CheckedBasic understanding of networking concepts and protocols
  • CheckedAbility to use diagnostic tools and software for hardware testing and troubleshooting.
  • CheckedStrong attention to detail and organizational skills.
  • CheckedEffective communication skills to collaborate with team members and provide technical support.
  • CheckedWillingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and processes in the IT refurbishment field.
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