Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Intern
at MicroHarvest


Full Time

Internship Description

Engage in critical environmental impact assessments and regulatory compliance activities as an Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Intern. Your work will ensure that MicroHarvest's protein production meets sustainability goals and regulatory standards.


  • CheckedAssist in conducting environmental impact assessments for protein production processes.
  • CheckedSupport the team in ensuring regulatory compliance and safety assessments.
  • CheckedCollaborate on initiatives to minimize environmental footprint.

Who You Are

  • CheckedStudying Environmental Science, Bioengineering, or a related field with a focus on sustainability.
  • CheckedInterest in regulatory affairs and environmental impact assessment.
  • CheckedStrong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Perks & Benefits

Get ready for an internship packed with great perks and exciting benefits.

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Professional Development

Gain hands-on experience in a cutting-edge biotech environment, enhancing your skills and knowledge.

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Networking Opportunities

Connect with professionals in the biotech industry, opening doors for future career opportunities.

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MicroHarvest is at the forefront of biotech innovation, focusing on creating sustainable protein through advanced microorganism technology. Their approach, capable of producing protein from raw materials in just one day, demonstrates their commitment to nutritional sustainability and groundbreaking innovation. With a team skilled in biotech, business, and product development, MicroHarvest is crafting the future of protein, making them a fascinating company for students interested in sustainability and cutting-edge biotech solutions.

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