Wildlife Conservation Internship


Full Time

Internship Description

GXVO offers a unique Wildlife Conservation Internship for those passionate about preserving nature's beauty and biodiversity. This program invites you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Ghana, where you will contribute significantly to vital conservation efforts. As an intern, you will engage directly with nature and play a crucial role in safeguarding Ghana’s rich biodiversity, while working in various natural reserves and conservation areas across the country.


  • CheckedHabitat Restoration: Participate in tree planting and habitat restoration activities, and assist in controlling invasive species.
  • CheckedWildlife Monitoring and Research: Engage in wildlife monitoring, track species, and assist in data collection and analysis.
  • CheckedCommunity Outreach and Education: Develop and deliver educational programs and launch awareness campaigns for conservation.
  • CheckedResearch and Monitoring: Assist in research and monitoring initiatives, contributing to informed conservation strategies.
  • CheckedCommunity Engagement: Work with local communities to promote a culture of conservation.
  • CheckedBiodiversity Conservation: Actively participate in preserving the region's rich biodiversity.

Who You Are

  • CheckedBackground in Environmental Science or Biology: Beneficial but not mandatory; a related academic background is a plus.
  • CheckedPhysical Fitness: Ability to perform physical activities, including fieldwork in diverse terrains.
  • CheckedPassion for Conservation: A strong, genuine interest in wildlife and environmental conservation.

Perks & Benefits

Get ready for an internship packed with great perks and exciting benefits.

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Direct involvement in meaningful conservation projects.

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Hands on Experience

Gain hands-on experience in biodiversity conservation and environmental research. Develop skills in community engagement and environmental education.

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Develop skills in community engagement and environmental education.

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GXVO, or GhanaXchange Volunteer Organization, is a pioneering organization dedicated to fostering global health and well-being through volunteer efforts. Based in Ghana, GXVO offers a range of volunteer programs focused on improving healthcare, education, and community development in various regions across the country. Our programs are designed to create meaningful impact while providing volunteers with enriching experiences in diverse Ghanaian communities. At GXVO, we believe in empowering local communities through sustainable initiatives and the active participation of skilled volunteers from around the world.

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